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Helios & Hess

Helios & Hess are the two noise-veterans Von Wurstfinger and Strotter Inst. from Berne.

The compositions by Helios & Hess are based on analog instruments, manipulated turntables, loops, sound-fragments and fieldrecordings. The tracks are lengthy and epic, closer to weird storytelling than boring pop-songs. Back in the womb of Everestrecords, after the debut Mme Demeuron in 2002, their music still haunts the light and bright side of human existence by highly elaborated atmospheric noise-scapes. Helios & Hess take the audience on a trip through unknown and misunderstood traditions of Swiss history such as REISLÄUFER or ALPSEGEN. The music lets the listeners immerse into mind-blowing landslides and firestorms, sublime melodies and harsh reality. Exposed to nature and human violence, the music scenery emerges around animals and words, kids and soldiers, rain and wind – all blended with humor, intensity and dignity.

All tracks are composed to be performed live.

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