Alphatronic - The Way To The Capacitor - EP3

Alphatronic, an expert in the field of analog electronic sound synthesis, releases his latest work with the EP series “The Way To The Capacitor”. The series consists of a total of four digital EPs and includes elements of ambient, electro and techno.

Daniel Wihler aka Alphatronic has been working with analog synthesizers for decades now and describes his project as an ongoing process in which he is constantly discovering new possibilities, experimenting with them and perfecting them. In his tireless search for new sounds and sonic aesthetics, Alphatronic has formed his signature sound, which is reflected throughout his discography. By no means does he remain static or even retrospective, but constantly evolves his music, screwing knobs and pulling faders until he is satisfied with the result and it sounds like: Alphatronic.

“The Way To The Capacitor” contains a total of 13 tracks that oscillate between carefully composed melodies and complex drum patterns. Wide pads are shredded by sharp-edged arpeggios that acutely dissolve and disappear somewhere into nowhere, while around the corner the next sawtooth is already getting ready to attack.

© & ℗ 2023 by Alphatronic & Everest Records


The Way To The Capacitor – EP3

Release Date : September 1, 2023
Artist : Alphatronic
Catalog ref. : er_114