Werner Hasler & Carlo NiederhauserOUT Session [trainspotting]

OUT Session [trainspotting] – Colourful freight wagons, crossing double-decker commuters in the dense rail bustle. Whizzing by and gliding past. Electrified whirring, dull rumbling and rhythmic clacking.

Extraordinary music in extraordinary places in surround sound quality. These live sounding sessions are a surprising, non-hermetic, and an acoustically new reality, in a unique context. In loose succession, six selected OUT Sessions will be released as a digital EP series on Everest Records. The full series will be released as triple vinyl named OUT Session [recordings] at the end of 2023!

© & ℗ 2023 by Werner Hasler & Everest Records


OUT Session [trainspotting]

Release Date : June 23, 2023
Artists : Carlo Niederhauser, Werner Hasler
Catalog ref. : er_104