HYPER DUO - Indigne de nous

After six years and eight projects, including sixteen premieres that expanded their drum and synthesizer repertoire, HYPER DUO decided to record five of these works. The recordings reflect the incredible artistic development of both musicians – Gilles Grimaitre (piano) and Julien Mégroz (percussion) over the years. These works, composed for drums and synthesizer, were commissioned by HYPER DUO.

HYPER DUO’s first album highlights the close collaboration with the composers Nicolas von Ritter-Zahony (CH) and Alex Paxton (EN), who have both had a significant impact on HYPER DUO’s sound and their own compositions.

The album “Indigne de nous” (“Unworthy of us”) was recorded, mixed and co-produced by musician and long-time companion Cyrill Lim and is an original, dizzying mix of energetic prog rock, contemporary music and surrealist sound poetry.

© & ℗ 2021 by HYPER DUO & Everest Records

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Indigne de nous

Release Date : June 4, 2021
Artist : HYPER DUO
Catalog ref. : er_097