Bigeneric - Ormea

Following Marco Repetto’s sonic journey on the last Bigeneric album, The Amaranth Fields (Inzec Records 028), into the essences, exquisite nectars, and intoxicating flower-fragrances of plants, with his new Bigeneric Album Ormea,

Marco now turns his attention to the ramified aural structures of sonic perception. Snow sounds are transformed into driving primeval rhythms, while subtle, unbridled, psychedelically sensuous sound sequences give rise to vivid, spectral inner films that contrive to dissolve the here and now in the most wonderful way.
The rocky, sun-drenched Alpine paths above Ormea, a small town in Piedmont which borders the musician’s native region of Liguria, were a major stimulus and source of inspiration for this album. A diverse selection of outdoor recordings from his present surroundings, in particular Graubünden and the Toggenburg, inspired by the film-maker Gitta Gsell, provide eminently suitable sound material and perform an important organic function in the electronic compositions on Ormea.

The “Les Digitales Festival 2012,” held in the Botanical Gardens in Bern, where Marco made a live recording, was the setting for his key encounter with the Everest team and also the birthplace of the sounds that can now be heard in their developed form on Ormea. A wonderful artwork by the Büro Destruct graphic artist Heinz “H1” Reber visualizes the sound worlds of Ormea in a symbiotic way.

© & ℗ 2016 by Marco Repetto & Everest Records

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Release Date : May 12, 2016
Artist : Bigeneric
Catalog ref. : er_076