Le Pot - She

The play of the band Le Pot, consisting of Manuel Mengis on trumpet and electronics, Hans-Peter Pfammatter on Moog and other synths, Lionel Friedli on drums and Manuel Troller on guitar always hangs in the balance. Having crossed paths several times, for example in Mengis’ «Gruppe 6», the four musicians now plan to release the CD trilogy called «She-Hera-Zade».

Just like in the Persian fairy tale, it offers a wonderfully made, narrative high voltage thread. A musical thread leading to unexplored and uncontrollable areas of the subconscious. The music on the now present first CD «She» is constantly flickering and dispersing, and is always looking for free spaces, drifting towards the psychedelic. All members are dismantling from all Jazz related clichés, trust their own intuition and seem like freed animals, lurking and feisty.«She» is a breathless kick-off to this trilogy: The compositions are shape-shifting like amorphous aliens from science-fiction movies, ceaselessly growing and proliferating. In early 2015, the electrifying «She» will see its sequel in the form of the mystic and acoustic-based «Hera», inspired by the motives of the composer Benjamin Britten. Where the closure «Zade» will lead to is uncertain, as the musical ways of Le Pot will remain adventurous.

© & ℗ 2014 by Le Pot & Everest Records

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Release Date : December 5, 2014
Artist : Le Pot
Catalog ref. : er_069