A.Spell - Where The Strange Creatures Live

A.Spell have found a trio where each musician complements the other perfectly. The band comprises of Vocalist and Accordeon player, Nadja Stoller, Bass Clarinet player and electro wizard, Jan Galega Brönnimann and the Percussionist, Tabla and Didgeridoo player Ronan Skillen from Cape Town, South Africa.

With the release of their debut album „Where The Strange Creatures Live“, A.Spell bring music where lyrically and structurally the songs are given special contexts within which they unfold in their own spacial feeling. Unfamiliar combinations of instruments and rich variety are specialities that are endlessly intriguing. Bass Clarinet and Tabla combined with playful electronics and a provocative Accordeon are the foundation for an otherworldly Voice soaring high above, reminding us of mystical beings, secrets behind mountains of snow and a forgotten pair of shoes. „Where The Strange Creatures Live“ is a journey through surreal dreamworlds.

© & ℗ 2013 by A.Spell & Everest Records

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Where The Strange Creatures Live

Release Date : March 22, 2013
Artist : A.Spell
Catalog ref. : er_054