Alphatronic - Cybersin

Music is similar to handwriting; it evolves over the years just very slightly, it keeps its shape more or less, but with it, one can write down all kinds of stories, describe emotions or atmospheres.

Alphatronic has found his handwriting for quite some time now. He sticks with it, but tells us always new stuff using it. This is the most intriguing and satisfactory thing about this musician. His sound is unique. He ignores all the trends, that lead many electronic musicians away from their powered equipment to more handmade sounds. Alphatronics music on the contrary stays absolute synthetic, if you will. His last record Sonic Landscapes was something like a soundtrack for a movie for the inner eye. In Cybersyn he is less interested in stories, but cares a lot about rhythms, melodies, the structure of a song. Every piece lives of the continuos changes throughout. Trust us: Cybersyn will conquer you with it‘s subtle and dynamic electronica.

© & ℗ 2011 by Alphatronic & Everest Records

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Artist : Alphatronic
Catalog ref. : er_045