Patricia Bosshard and Simon Grab - MRI

For their project MRI Patricia Bosshard and Simon Grab use exclusively sound recordings from an MRI scanner (Magnet Resonance Imaging). In the tradition of the Musique Concrète they leave the raw material in its own radicality.

The actual transformation is being achieved by layering these rich and complex sounds. Grab and Bosshard compose a varied and dense universe, which stylisticly goes from minimal ambient sounds to harsh noise – music that reaches the deepest layers of your brain, music that lets your molecules dance.

In concert the 2 musicians present their sound in a elaborated surround system. The audience is surrounded by various speakers and subwoofers – a soundexperience of a special kind !

The vinyl has 7 compositions and 10 endless loops. The CD offers 3 bonus tracks and a soundlibrary containing 80 original samples. This release is limited to 300 copies.

© & ℗ 2010 by Patricia Bosshard and Simon Grab & Everest Records

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Release Date : September 17, 2010
Artists : Patricia Bosshard, Simon Grab
Catalog ref. : er_043