Benfay - Hey, what’s wrong baby!

The album, “Hey, what‘s wrong baby!” was produced between Christmas 2009 and Easter 2010. In winter 2009, the opportunity arose to create an album in a very special and solitary place at Wilen/Sarnen in Switzerland.

The basic elements of the tracks are derived from samples of various sounds made by objects found in and around the house, as well as samples of old records found in a cupboard. An MPC sampler and a small modular synthesizer help to create the first beats and moods. The pieces were named after the sampled objects or have origins in the movie, “They Live” by John Carpenter. Hence the title of the album. On “Hey, what‘s wrong baby!”, Benfay brings all his musical influences consequently together. Classical themes are embedded in electronical structures. There is no longer one style to file this music under – by playing with his musical background, Benfay creates a rich and unique sound of his own.

© & ℗ 2010 by Benfay & Everest Records

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Hey, what’s wrong baby!

Release Date : September 3, 2010
Artist : Benfay
Catalog ref. : er_039