Balduin - Rainbow Tapes

It took five years since the last Balduin LP, now he reports back with his new album “Rainbow Tapes”. During the initial recording sessions, his roofroom window was covered by snow. The whole roofroom was lighten up in white.

This light influenced the recording of “Rainbow Tapes”. While listening to the music, you will hear a big difference to the last two Balduin records published by Crippled Dick Hot Wax. Balduin uses simple instruments such as guitar, xylophon, flute, rattle, a children keyboard, and for the first time his voice. The songs and lyrics are about nutcrackers, snow, cinnamon, mushrooms, fairy tales, renaissance and of course rainbows. Some soundscapes were recorded with tape loops, either played backwards, higher or in a lower pitch. You’ll definitely hear the inspiration; “Rainbow Tapes” is Baduin’s request and answer to the psychedelic studio music era in the late 1960s. That’s why every track was recorded analog on tape.

© & ℗ 2009 by Balduin & Everest Records

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Rainbow Tapes

Release Date : March 27, 2009
Artist : Balduin
Catalog ref. : er_030