Neuromodulator - N

The band Neuromodulator is on an mission: for eight years they’ve been purposefully undermining their audiences’ listening habits; thus aiming to allow new imagery and associations to flourish.

The four musicians from Zürich, Switzerland undertake a collective “instant composing”, meaning that most of the music is composed and improvised in situ – and shaped simultaneously with a diverse range of effects. In this fashion, the experiences and inspirations of the musicians merge to a new entity, a compond of avantgarde, electro, current club music, rock, ethno and jazz. Electronic soundgeneration and soundtreatement are the main methods for instant-shaping their music, including Stockhausens ringmodulation, filtering and synthesis, live-sampling and looping as well as homemade gadgets and hacked toys. On their new album “N”, Neuromodulator shows a new side of their trademark style. Minimalist structures juxtapose mysterious soundscapes and playful polyrhytmic grooves – somewhere between industrialism and mysticism. The musicians have recorded studio improvisation sessions for days. The best moments have then been chosen and condensed and mixed in an obsessively thorough process. The result is an album that stands singularly as a genre-defying piece of contemporary improvisation.

© & ℗ 2008 by Neuromodulator & Everest Records

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Release Date : February 5, 2008
Artist : Neuromodulator
Catalog ref. : er_023