Strotter Inst. - Monstranz

After the LP „Schlepper“ and some tracks on compilations, the time has come for „Monstranz“- the first full length Strotter Inst. CD.

The concept album offers a journey through the audible world of Strotter Inst. All sounds are generated by manipulated and modified Lenco-turntables without the use of any prepared samples. The CD starts with a low-fi rumple to change into concrete clicks and scrapes followed by epic drones, multilayered broken beats to fall back in tricky bass-meditations.

The bridge between the archaic and the contemporary is also represented in the concept of the CD cover: The first track is embossed in the digipack – only playable on a turntable and the last track can only be downloaded from the net. In between the aforementioned two tracks, eleven tracks are arranged around a central 33-minutes long polyrhythmic Strotter Inst. composition.

© & ℗ 2004 by Strotter Inst. & Everest Records

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Release Date : October 29, 2004
Artist : Strotter Inst.
Catalog ref. : er_010