Everest - Heimlich Maneuver

One year late but never mind: here is „Heimlich Maneuver“, the second release of Swiss label owners and producers Matu and Meienberg. Their work is ambient-driven electronic music, with a distinctive love for organic sounds. Matu and Meienberg use a wide variety of self-constructed, fragmented and repeating samples, abstract beats and melodic soundscapes. The twelve pieces are sometimes with rhythm, sometime only melodies and sounds. The music shifts between cool electronica and dark, unfamiliar sounds that creep in to build an atmosphere that is as hypnotic as it is disorientating. Its unlikely youʼll have heard anything quite like this before.

© & ℗ 2004 by Everest Records

Heimlich Maneuver

Release Date : July 20, 2004
Artists : Everest, Meienberg
Catalog ref. : er_009