Strotter Inst. - Blendwerk

BLENDWERK is all about smoke & mirrors.

Flexidisc Front Track
“Fledderer” is a ghoul’s digest, a looting of the last concert of Strotter Inst. before the pandemic shutdown.

7″ Vinyl Side A
„Potpourri” – as a track – is new, its components are old. One element per existing album by Strotter Inst. has been intertwined. The parts are old, the entirety is new.

7″ Vinyl Side B
“Quodlibet” represents an impossibility, 23 loops are cut next to each other. The simultaneity – as the title suggests – is only conceivable.

Flexidisc Back Track
“Weichteil” is a consumption similar to endocannibalism. It is the remastered version of “Prion”, the only ever recorded pre Strotter Inst. Track.

The bundle is the audio excerpt of BLENDWERK, a multimedia kaleidoscope of Strotter Inst.’s world.


BLENDWERK is a multimedia artist book and/or a book with audio annexes and/or a record, whose cover has taken on a life of its own.
BLENDWERK is a concept album designed as a book, a kaleidoscope of sound, text, images and structure.

The whole lot is ostentatious, pretentious, even pride and haughty. It is interwoven and blended together as a potpourri & a quodlibet.

The music of BLENDWERK transmutes into text, as a narrative, essay, manual, description or even as a last will.

All this is enhanced by photos and sketches, merged with scouts, liner notes and other unnecessary things. All is complemented with a remix-text. Important literature is boiled down and included as potential lyrics.


is a record
is an artist book
is a turntable
is a thesis, an assertion

it is overflowing, powerful, clever, witty, a lot & nothing remains indecipherable,
yet it is always in the here and now.

it is about music
it is about art
it is about live performance
it is about inspiration and exaggeration
It is all about smoke & mirrors


Music by Strotter Inst.
Potpourri recorded by Strotter Inst. @ Waschkaue
Weichteil recorded by Lizzie Davis @ Seanaps Festival, Leipzig
Fledderer recorded by Hess @ Segetz, Solothurn
Mixed by Hess & Adi Flück @ Centraldubs, Bern
Mastered by Adi Flück @ Centraldubs, Bern
Cut by FloKa @ Centraldubs, Bern
7″ mastercut by FloKa @ Centraldubs, Bern
Layout by Philipp Thöni, Blackyard, Bern

© & ℗ 2021 by Strotter Inst. & Everest Records

In collaboration with edition clandestin.



Release Date : November 5, 2021
Artist : Strotter Inst.
Catalog ref. : er_099