OP Rechts - Alles, nur keine Vernunft!

The double album has the concept that the first vinyl sees itself as a musical examination of current global issues. OP Rechts sets to music its own gloomy picture of the current world situation. To be understood as a critique of ruling political systems and their actors, who pursue their own interests and thereby disregard human rights and democratic values without scruples. The second record is a processing of the almost 20 years of illness of the musician – strokes, cancer, isolation, anxiety, diabetes, medication, rehabilitation and the hard way back to everyday life.

With his current work Mike Reber aka OP Rechts takes the listeners on a musical journey, which stands in the tradition of “Musique concrète” and avant-garde compositions and is characterized by special musical radicalism against prevailing, aesthetic norms.

With the use of exclusively analog sound sources and field recordings and the collaboration of the friendly Bernese musicians Bassdriver & BlindDoc, a compositionally haunting work about the repressed, the strange and the uncanny – powerful and gruesome – is created. A “soundtrack” that should point to the poisoned state of our planet and create in the listener a head cinema of a different kind.

© & ℗ 2021 by Mike Reber, Tollerort Organisation

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Alles, nur keine Vernunft!

Release Date : November 26, 2021
Artist : OP Rechts
Catalog ref. : er_098