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Annie Aries – It’s Not Quiet In The Void

It’s Not Quiet In The Void, by Annie Aries, takes you within the warm reaches of an expanse. Piercing you with softened shards of sound like sea glass, and high voltage threads woven into thick cord. Dawn, turning tangerine and bristling with potential. A slow lunge, undeniable change, an unveiling, recognition, intangible certainty like meaning within a dream, a threshold....

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Schrödingers Katze – Unscharf

The Swiss duo “Schrödingers Katze” explores uncharted musical realms once again. The new album by the band kicks off with a track titled “Electrons,” an extensive piece that stretches forward for eight minutes, or perhaps even sideways. It initiates with a form of musical Morse code, driven by a menacing electronic bass and rhythmic drums, creating the sensation that Simon Althaus and Manuel Pasquinelli......

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Perpetual Bridge – Astral Departures

The choice of the album title is related to the desire to explore sounds and push the mind far away, towards interdimensional worlds, moving from the dreamlike to the transcendental, from the naturalistic to the cosmic. The invitation to contemplation found in the ambient and more experimental tracks alternates, unlike the first release, with more rhythmic tracks. However, the most important part of this album and of Perpetual Bridge in general are the layers, the many tunes that, combined progressively, hypnotically and solemnly express the search for depth and sublime....

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Oli Kuster – R​é​p​é​titeur

Looks like a solo album. But that is deceptive. Oli Kuster is anything but alone… Suddenly the bass starts to march, in the slipstream a whole acoustic apparatus gets going. It drones and rumbles, hums and booms, stutters and rattles, wavers and meanders, and as soon as the legs want to dance, the next abstractly intricate breakbeat drives in or in between, or a dissonant disturbing beep bores into the eardrum. Stop. Rewind. Pandemic! Stay at home, fold origami, bake bread… Bernese full-blooded and full-time musician Oli Kuster does what he has successfully resisted until now: He entrenches himself in......

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Werner Hasler & Carlo Niederhauser – OUT Session [roof]

OUT Session – Very close to the sky, detached from the urban rush. Pondering distant sounds, a pleasant breeze and the occasional rescue helicopter. With a far-reaching view of yourself and the world. Extraordinary music in extraordinary places in surround sound quality. These live sounding sessions are a surprising, non-hermetic, and an acoustically new reality, in a unique context. In loose succession, six selected OUT Sessions will be released as a digital EP series on Everest Records. The full series will be released as triple vinyl named OUT Session at the end of 2023!...

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