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Annie Aries – It’s Not Quiet In The Void

It’s Not Quiet In The Void, by Annie Aries, takes you within the warm reaches of an expanse. Piercing you with softened shards of sound like sea glass, and high voltage threads woven into thick cord. Dawn, turning tangerine and bristling with potential. A slow lunge, undeniable change, an unveiling, recognition, intangible certainty like meaning within a dream, a threshold....

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Schrödingers Katze – Unscharf

The Swiss duo “Schrödingers Katze” explores uncharted musical realms once again. The new album by the band kicks off with a track titled “Electrons,” an extensive piece that stretches forward for eight minutes, or perhaps even sideways. It initiates with a form of musical Morse code, driven by a menacing electronic bass and rhythmic drums, creating the sensation that Simon Althaus and Manuel Pasquinelli......

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