After their critically acclaimed record « Three Times Dead » released in 2008 on Everest Records, Hemlock Smith & Les Poissons Autistes return, collaborating this time with Arnaud Ivan Sponar aka Goodbye Ivan.

As this on-going project developed to a very different mood and style, they gave it a new name. Things are rarely what they seem. This is not album about maritime disasters. Nor is it about UBoats during WWII. It’s a record made by four people, quite safely in their respective homes. As three of them live in Switzerland and one in Brooklyn, NY, a long distance collaboration with file transfers ensued, over a three-year period.

Philippe Simon : trumpet, baritone horn, electric guitar, field recordings, laptop
Stéphane Babey : 6-string electric cello, electric guitar, field recordings, piano, voice, laptop
Arnaud Ivan Sponar : acoustic guitar, drums, keyboards, laptop
Michael Frei : voice, piano, keyboards

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