“Schrödingers Katze” is the latest project from the two Bernese musicians Simon Althaus and Manuel Pasquinelli. They formed the band in 2019 and are now releasing their debut album, “Superposition”. The minimal instrumentation allows both of them the maximum in musical creative freedom so they can push each other into uncharted musical territory, full of joy, curiosity and unhampered by stylistic blinkers.

Simon Althaus is equally interested in jazz, electronic and experimental music. Expanding the sound of the Rhodes piano with modulation effects has become his creative signature. In Schrödingers Katze, he also takes over the role of bassist using his Moog synthesizer. Simon has performed on stage with artists including Juan Munguía (Irakere), Dudu Penz and Roberto Koch.

Drummer and composer Manuel Pasquinelli (pasquinellli.ch) primarily made his name in the jazz scene with his band “AKKU Quintet”. He also plays for the band “Sonar”, who regularly work with ECM guitarist David Torn. Pasquinelli is a versatile drummer who has played in rock, minimal music and jazz groups both in Switzerland and abroad, performed on around 20 albums and occasionally contributes to music for film and theatre.

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