Under the pseudonym “OP Rechts”, Mike Reber, born in 1967, began in the late 80s with body performances in the tradition of the Viennese Actionists and the recording of his first field recordings. This was also the time of his first sound experiments with the Korg MS20 synthesizer, which is still an integral part of his instrumentarium.

All recorded media of OP Rechts are pure studio projects. With the help of sampling, computers, analog sound machines, the voice, tapes and everything else that produces noise and sound, long, epic soundscapes are created with the character of a fictional soundtrack, which always tells a story.

In 1992 the first longplayer “OP Rechts – Murderer Report” was released on their own label “Tollerort Organisation” and was recorded exclusively with analog sound machines.

Mike Reber was a founding member of the band “Herpes ö DeLuxe”. In addition, he was and is active as a sound producer in the projects “Linke Hode Satans”, “Pendelum Nisum”, “Tapava Günder”, “Reverend Beat-Man and the Church of Herpes” and “Helios & Hess”.

Since 1991 until today 25 records have been released, which he recorded or in which he participated.

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