Bern-based pianist, keyboardist and composer has realized various projects in the field of tension between jazz and electro.

The first album he recorded was The Music of Herbie Nicols with Jürg Bucher. From 2001 to 2004 he was a member of Züri West. In 2004 he founded the electro-pop duo Pola together with Marcel Blatti. With his band Menschmaschine Kuster provided jazz interpretations of Kraftwerk songs in 2011. He has also composed music for film and released three albums as bandleader for the Oli Kuster Kombo. He is also featured on X99 – Gilbert Paeffgen’s trio album.

In 2015 Oliver Kuster and Patric Marino created a kind of Electro Poetry as The Astronauts. His work with synthesizers is also reflected in the pop project AEIOU. In his latest project OKRA he works with Robert Aeberhard. Since summer 2017 Oli is performing regularly with Züri West again.

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