Formed in 2002 in Jura, Switzerland by Jean-Vincent France-Soir and Paul Arbear, dashing little mounts wild as the Far West, this blazing electro duo quickly became famous for its eclectic musical approach. Starting off as a slow trot 100% rock star attitude, their first auto produced release (2004), they played a number of shows that allowed them to make a name for themselves all the way to Bern, the Swiss capital. Guests during the Contemporary Culture Convention IV in 2004, at the Reitschule (predestined place as a former equestrian school) in the middle of a troop of Swiss artists, they make the audience neigh. A nourishing period for the little poneys that leave many little dungs on several compilations: Princess Tarta (RIP), Alpinechic and Everest Records.

In 2006 they meet Julien Fehlmann an strict trainer with a fine ear and a beautiful recording studio. The contact quickly becomes complementary and intimate between the man and the animals. They caress each other’s rumps, lick each other’s nostrils, tangle each other’s manes and with a grand whinnying of joy, Clapclap will be released in 2008. A promising trot on which the illustrious SNAX participated. The poneys are set free!

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