Mich Gerber elevates the double bass, traditionally a classical accompaniment instrument, to a solo voice. His playing style is distinct and unmistakable, earning him international recognition. Over the years, his musical interests have continuously evolved and expanded. Classical music, which profoundly influenced him as a child, was his foundational genre. At the age of 20, Mich Gerber graduated with an orchestral diploma in double bass under Béla Szedlàk in Bern. He later transitioned to jazz, co-founding the “Werkstatt improvisierte Musik” (Workshop for Improvised Music) with other musicians.

After a decade of collaborating with various artists and touring in the GDR, Russia, southern African countries, the Middle East, and the USA, Mich Gerber embarked on a solo career. This new phase was deeply rooted in his experiences with classical and contemporary music. Since then, he has released six studio albums and performed hundreds of concerts both domestically and internationally.

Mich Gerber fully utilizes the entire sound spectrum of his instrument. He develops profound rhythmic bass riffs, bows harmonies, explores the realm of overtones, and integrates percussive and noise elements. This approach results in a richly layered soundscape.

Through extensive travels, Mich Gerber has adapted techniques and modes from a diverse range of string instruments to the double bass. These include the Indian sarangi, Persian kamancheh, African fiddle, and Mongolian horsehead fiddle. Mich Gerber has created a unique musical style, bridging classical music with folk songs, East with West, and old with new music.


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