Yannick Barman and Cyril Regamey describe KiKu as a modular, avant-garde machine which, thanks to its modular system and open line-up, is never complete and continually dares to push boundaries.

Founded 11 years ago as an acoustic improvisation duo, Barman and Regamey the band’s trumpeter and percussionist have been taking on a more varied and flexible musical form. In February 2003 during a series of 20 concerts at the Swiss Théâtre de l’Oriental in Vevey they developed a sound that ventured into the realms of electronic music and since then have been tearing down the boundaries which often still divide jazz, classical chamber music, electro and rock.

This journey into as yet unexplored soundscapes has taken KiKu around the World to Vietnam, New York and the Willisau Jazz Festival. They’ve met many musicians, from Malcolm Braff to local Big Bands (Léon Francioli, Franco Mento, Julian Sartorius, Jean-Pierre Schaller among others) with whom they’ve collaborated on their different projects.

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