Fredy Studer was born on June 16, 1948, in Lucerne (Switzerland), where he also lives today. He is an autodidact. His music performances since the early seventies have been as eclectic as his freelance activities with musicians, ranging from „A“, as in John Abercrombie, to „Z“, as in John Zorn.

For the past 45 years, he has performed at festivals, given concerts and workshops, and recorded for radio and television, as well as music for dance productions and radio plays, theatre and film music in Europe, Africa, Japan, Central and South America, the Caribbean, in Taiwan, India, Russia and in Canada and the USA. He has been honoured with numerous prizes and awards.

Fredy Studer was one of the first drummers to incorporate open improvisation and grooves into his style. The specialist journal „Drums & Percussion“ wrote: „… without doubt, Swiss percussionist Fredy Studer is one of the most innovative drummers in Europe…“

Fredy Studer‘s works and collaboration has been documented on more than 90 recordings.

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