Born 1966 in Solothurn. In 1981 he started to play drums in different reggae bands. Visit and lived in Jamaica between 1985 and 1990 where he caught up a lot of experience in music and culture. 1999 he changed to electronic dub music and played under different names as live dub artists. In 2009 finally he started with the Chris Dubflow live dub project.

He always worked with an MPC and analog stuff. This old-school equipment he used until nowadays. Live and also in the studio. He preferentially the classical workflow like Lee Perry. (8 track recording, mixing console, periphery effects, and intuition). Go with the flow, this is Chris Dubflow. Collaborations: Tikiman (Paul St Hilaire), Bigga Baloo, Triptease, Saralène, and Diana Levi.

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