Marco Repetto’s musical journey began with punk, and in particular the Bern-based bands Glueams, Grauzone (Eisbär), and Eigernordwand. This was followed by the first raves and parties, when Marco started to make music using only electronic instruments, and in 1989 he was discovered and promoted by the legendary Bernese DJ Boumi B. Today his stylistic spectrum extends from hypnotic, ethereal techno to psychedelic ambient soundscapes and sound installations.

His music, which is heavily inspired by sojourns in, and encounters with, the beauty of nature, and by daydreams of every imaginable kind, is generated expressively through sonic research and experimentation that condense into both studio productions and live performances.

The musical worlds created during his live performances are characterized by warm rhythms and velvet-soft to occasionally room-filling bass sounds that relentlessly impel the sense of sonic intoxication deriving from the creation of atmospheres and the extra-musical sounds and samples. Marco’s performances are often playfully and crazily reinterpreted in symbiosis with the energies of the moment. Increasingly, he can also be heard incorporating consciousness-expanding drones and dense webs of sound into his performances. Bigeneric has now become his main project.

Collaborations with performers such as Don Li, the Appenzell dulcimer band Anderscht, and the sound artist Stini Arn on her magic loom are constantly expanding Marco’s horizons on his musical journey. Joint projects and sound installations with artists such as Franz Bruelhart,

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