Daniel Whiler aka Alphatronic is born in Bern, Switzerland. When he was fifteen years old, he held for the first time in his live a Korg MS20 synthesizer in his hands and from there on, his heart was lost to the electronic sounds. To become a Sound Engineer, was of course the logical thing to do. Alphatronics Music has its base in ambient electro. He programs the sounds he uses for his music all himself and is permanently on the search for new rhythmic structures, that give these sounds an open and wide playground. He is definitely not one of the fast-food producers. He is more something like an old-school sound-searcher. The commercial use of music interests him not the least. What he cares for is the continuos elaboration of his specific sound. This development can be heard throughout his releases (1998 alpha, 1999 morpin metal bar, 1999 solitary, 2000 ep 2000, 2003 Duke, 2009 Sonic Landscapes, 2011 Cybersyn) but also, when he plays one of his live-gigs.

Since the eighties Alphatronic has worked with some influential artists in the music-scene; Marco Repetto, Bruno Spoerri, Daniel Kueffer,Tom Vedvik, Martin Tillman, Waedi Gysi, DJ Ramax. And with performance artists like COCO, Andre Stitt or Edy Marconi.  Finally Alphatronic is one of the rare electronic musicians, that develops his music over the years, to find his own language within it. One that works mainly in the back, but still remembers to share his found pieces with his audience.

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