A.Spell’s music has evolved with bold statements and a strong new direction. On this new recording the music explores stories of queens, emperors, grey moons and dark places, as well as golden glimmers of hope for a meaning of life. Soundscapes and percussive textures mix in rhythmic, structured compositions.

Unfamiliar combinations of instruments and rich variety are specialities that are endlessly intriguing. Distorted, effected bass and contra bass clarinet, accompanied by tabla, hybrid drum kit, didgeridoo and playful electronics, all blended together by the richness of an accordeon, form the basis for an otherworldly voice soaring high above ‚A. Spell’ have found a trio where each musician complements the other perfectly. The band comprises of vocalist and accordeon player, Nadja Stoller. Bass clarinet player and electro wizard, Jan Galega Brönnimann and percussionist, tabla and didgeridoo player Ronan Skillen from Cape Town, South Africa.

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