Julian SartoriusHidden Tracks: Domodossola – Weissmies (Film by Stephan Hermann)

A film by Stephan Hermann about the album ‘Hidden Tracks: Domodossola – Weissmies’ by Julian Sartorius.

All the sounds were recorded on the hike and climb from Domodossola (272 metres above sea level) to the summit of Weissmies (4017 metres above sea level). All things played were found en route and were left in situ. Audio gathered was edited and layered. No electronic effects or sound processing were used.

Camera, editing and additional sound design by Stephan Hermann
Additional headcam by Julian Sartorius
Sound recording, editing and mixing by Julian Sartorius
Sound mastering by Oli Bösch
Mountain guide: Mischu Wirth / MW-Guiding

The album ‘Hidden Tracks: Domodossola – Weissmies’ will be released on 15th March 2024 on Everest Records.

Pre-order the album here.