Oli Kuster - Répétiteur

Oli Kuster Repetiteur Cover 1 2000x2000-72dpi

Looks like a solo album. But that is deceptive. Oli Kuster is anything but alone…

Suddenly the bass starts to march, in the slipstream a whole acoustic apparatus gets going. It drones and rumbles, hums and booms, stutters and rattles, wavers and meanders, and as soon as the legs want to dance, the next abstractly intricate breakbeat drives in or in between, or a dissonant disturbing beep bores into the eardrum.

Stop. Rewind. Pandemic! Stay at home, fold origami, bake bread… Bernese full-blooded and full-time musician Oli Kuster does what he has successfully resisted until now: He entrenches himself in the tinkering bunker with a more