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Alphatronic – The Way To The Capacitor – EP3

The third EP from the series 'The Way To The Capacitor' by Alphatronic is out today.


Werner Hasler & Carlo Niederhauser – OUT Session [alp]

OUT Session – A distant tinkling of bells, a far-reaching view. The valley is getting dark, the sky is glowing, yet sunbeams are...


Simon Berz, Kondo Toshinori, Bill Laswell – Breath versus Beats

In 2017, Simon Berz recorded at Mariny Studios in New Orleans. Japanese trumpet master Toshinori Kondo heard the recordings and immediately began playing...


Werner Hasler & Carlo Niederhauser – OUT Session [trainspotting]

OUT Session – Colourful freight wagons, crossing double-decker commuters in the dense rail bustle. Whizzing by and gliding past.


Video to ‘Abstract Possibilities’ from the album ‘Astral Departures’ by Perpetual Bridge

Cesare Pizzi, keyboardist at The Young Gods has produced the video for the track 'Abstract Possibilities' by Perpetual Bridge. To the video



Two Dogs are Beat Keller on guitars and Joke Lanz on turntables and voice, both based in Berlin. An uncompromising union of two...


Alphatronic – The Way To The Capacitor – EP2

The second EP from the series 'The Way To The Capacitor' is out today. The second EP in the series promises another journey...


Alphatronic – The Way To The Capacitor – EP1

Alphatronic, an expert in the field of analog electronic sound synthesis, releases his latest work with the EP series "The Way To The...


ADV3NT 2022 at Botanical Garden Bern

For the twelfth time, the event series “ADV3NT” offers tonal expeditions into the world of ambient and experimental music. In the middle of...


Perpetual Bridge – Astral Departures

The choice of the album title is related to the desire to explore sounds and push the mind far away, towards interdimensional worlds,...


Oli Kuster – R​é​p​é​titeur

Looks like a solo album. But that is deceptive. Oli Kuster is anything but alone… Suddenly the bass starts to march, in the...


Werner Hasler & Carlo Niederhauser – OUT Session [roof]

OUT Session – Very close to the sky, detached from the urban rush. Pondering distant sounds, a pleasant breeze and the occasional rescue...


Bon voyage Fredy Studer!

On Monday, August 22, the outstanding drummer Fredy Studer died unexpectedly fast and much too early. We will miss him as an extraordinary,...


Digitalis – Acidland

The second release by Digitalis on Everest Records rushes in never-ending waves. Pulsating rhythms alternate with spacey synth sounds. The EP contains five...


Perpetual Bridge – New album “Astral Departures” out October 2022

Nadia Peter is a Swiss-Italian musician specialized in the fields of electronic and experimental music with the project Perpetual Bridge. This October her...


Oli Kuster – New album “Répétiteur” out September 2022

After the album OKRA of the duo of the same name by Oli Kuster and Robert Aeberhard released in 2016 on Everest Records,...


Werner Hasler & Carlo Niederhauser – OUT Session [shore]

A musical expression of the moods found along the shore, impressions that go beyond the swimming wear weather!


Werner Hasler & Carlo Niederhauser – OUT Session [road movie]

OUT Session – a sound journey flirting with the essence of its literal sense.


PLESS – Hypernormal

The tracks on the debut album „Hypernormal“ by PLESS occur in fictional places. These give the sound a defining environment. Physical and atmospheric...


Exclusively for our friends

Just at the right moment, when it's cold and dark outside, we present you our next release. "Hypernormal" by PLESS will be released...


OP Rechts – Alles, nur keine Vernunft!

The double album has the concept that the first vinyl sees itself as a musical examination of current global issues.


Strotter Inst. – BLENDWERK

BLENDWERK is a multimedia artist book and/or a book with audio annexes and/or a record, whose cover has taken on a life of...


Everest Records at Café Fleuri


HYPER DUO – Indigne de nous

After six years and eight projects, including sixteen premieres that expanded their drum and synthesizer repertoire, HYPER DUO decided to record five of...


Susanna Dill / Gilbert Paeffgen – ‘Zwischen den Zügen’ out now.

On their third production “Zwischen den Zügen” the accordion and dulcimer duo of Susanna Dill and Gilbert Paeffgen moves between echoes of modern...


Alphatronic’s new album Modulation out now

It is already the fourth album that Alphatronic now releases on Everest Records. This album was created in 2019 and is dedicated ...


Out now! SUPERPOSITION by Schrödingers Katze

The debut album of Schrödingers Katze named “SUPERPOSITION” is released. It is available as 12″ vinyl including download code but also only in...


WAQT on SWISS MUSIC – WORLD VI compilation


Oymoz – Breed

The first album by Antonio Albanello under the name Oymoz has been released and is available immediately on the major online portals or...


Video out now: Oymoz – Breed

'Breed' - New video to the title track of the album, out now.

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