Release rrr01 (Various Artists - CCC III)

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Various Artists - CCCC III

Eleven electronic music producers from the Swiss underground, in other words: eleven possibilities for great discoveries. From grooving to droning, from cut-up-bricolages to rockhard, all tracks stay within the boundaries of an progressive outlook on artistic conception but never withhold on the fun-factor. The range of music spans from weird electronica to downright funky tracks, from the celebration of the aural spheres and possibilities of noise to experiments in how to build music from very diverse blocks of sounds and chord progressions. This music won’t be of any use, is quite on purpose produced against the needs of DJs and clubowners, but wants to be received as it is.


Kaleidophone – Wob

Steinbrüchel – Avier

Everest – Waterrelish

Balduin – Nasty Kid

Rm74 – Egoflora

Dimlite – Dynamic Death

Person – K_tal

Peter Baumgartner – Das Alltaegliche Selbstsein

Niels Jensen – Sputnik

Herpes Ö Deluxe – Krawallsuechtige

And Me – Guten Morgen

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