Release er_037 (Meienberg - Rapid Cycling) Rapid Cycling Rapid Cycling Cover  Rapid Cycling
Release er_037 (Meienberg - Rapid Cycling)

© + ℗ 2010 by Meienberg
Mixed by Meienberg & Adi Flück at Caliber Club
Mastered by Adi Flück at Centraldubs
Cover design by H1 Reber, Büro Destruct

Meienberg - Rapid Cycling

After many years Meienberg decided to go solo again. This vinyl is probably clearing the way for more songs to be destilled out of the many ideas he has about music. Rapid Cycling is a colourful kaleidoscope; the songs root mainly in electronic music but within that range they escape most of the possible labels. Meienberg plays with structures, references, sounds, his voice and has his own way with it all. Best is, to put it on the record player and go for a stroll in the genuinely changeable moods of Meienbergs sound building. Take the elevator to the floor with the heavy cases, folllow the fireladder down to meet the drifters and don‘t miss the date for the melancholic romance in the starlight suite before you say goodnight to the true lunatics.

…And his new album Rapid Cycling (2010, Everest Records) is far from a disappointment! The pieces, with their kaleidoscope of multiple sounds, rapid cycles, rhythm changes and buzzing and their search for unsettling sound effects delight our senses. We venture to call Meienberg the precursor of a big wave whose well thought out fragmented rhythms…
Electronfestival, CH

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