Release er_050 (Balduin – Musical Images For Harpsichord)
Release er_050 (Balduin – Musical Images For Harpsichord)

This record includes two portraits and three still lifes, musically interpreted, written & composed by Balduin on Harpsichord in 2012. All compositions are written in C major/minor. The tuning of the Harpsichord was set to 415 Hz, instead of the common 440 Hz.

Music written & composed by Balduin 2012
Photo & Sleeve by Lopetz: Büro Destruct & Balduin
© & ℗ 2012 by Balduin and Everestrecords

Balduin - Musical Images For Harpsichord

«Balduin, it’s time for a new record» I read on a Blog.
Here is my answer: Patience gives you 5 MUSICAL IMAGES FOR HARPSICHORD!
Even if it‘s released only on a VERY LIMITED 7“, I‘m still proud to present it to the audience.

Why for Harpsichord?
Since my childhood I love the sound of the Harpsichord. The sound is direct, you can hear every wrong note, you can‘t hide anything. On a piano you can cover up more. On the Harpsichord the strings get plucked, which sounds very mechanical. There are no pedals and the sound volume of the attack can‘t be affected. But like on the organ there are several registers and a lute stop, which imitates the sound of a lute by damping the strings.

What was the inspiration?
Along with contemporary music and modern music, literature and films, it was mostly images, paintings of portraits and still lifes that gave me the inspiration. My music gets generally build up by images that are issued in my head like in a museum. They remain pictures until I write the music and dedicate it to them.

How can you describe the music?
The music in these pictures sounds old, modern, timeless. You can hear out the topic by the titles:
banquet & dance, love & grief, on the hunt, love & honor and grace. I‘ve written the compositions during a short but very intense period. It‘s my essence to combine modern music with different genres such as renaissance, baroque and classical music. I didn‘t obey to strict rules of composition. It is also the fact that many of these pieces are unplayable with 2 hands. However, all pieces are based on the same pitch. Four pieces are in C major, one piece in C minor.

Why on 7“ vinyl record?
Simply because the vinyl record is created exclusively for music playback. As far as I know I‘m the only one who publishes Harpsichord music on a 7“ vinyl nowadays. For all who do not have a record player, it is also available as a digital download.

Well I hope I could give you an incentive to listen to my record with this brief description.

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