Release er_033 (Strotter Inst. - Bolzplatz)
Release er_033 (Strotter Inst. - Bolzplatz)

© + ℗ 2009 by Strotter Inst.
Ein Bauer im Anzug Produktion
Mixed by Strotter Inst. & Adi Flück at Caliber Club
Mastered by Adi Flück at Caliber Club
Gravure universale by Flo at Le Magnet Mastering
Cover design by Tectonics

Strotter Inst. - Bolzplatz

Bolzplatz – a green field, a place somewhere behind an old industrial building, beside an acher, in the backyard of an agglo. No-man’s-land for kids skipping school, to kick, move, run, play and foul. Near darkness for dealers, bored teenagers, village-youth with their mopeds. Everything is in its own rhythm – in the grass, the puddles, on broken asphalt, under clear sky. Some cranes in the background, fences, a cornfield.
On the new release “Bolzplatz” at Everstrecords Strotter Inst. is generating his typical dense rhythm-structures. This time a little bit quicker, more complex and multilayered. Dry klicks, scratchy noises underlayed by broken basses. Pictures of a construction-place or is it a green field on a rainy day? Four tracks on a 10”, one track each side at 33rpm and two others in a different groove at 45rpm. Or are there eight tracks in various speed?
The sound in the head of a street-worker.

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