Release er_027 (Benfay - Replay Life)
Release er_027 (Benfay - Replay Life)

© + ℗ 2009 by Benfay
All songs written, produced, mixed and mastered by Benfay at Greenfield Mill Studio
Violin on Universal Time by Gwendolyn Masin
Drawing by Rhea Matter
Graphic design by Didier Studer

Benfay - Replay Life

Discussing his album, Benfay recently commented, “Replay Life is the reliving of myself in my own music”, in an interview given to his cat Jimmy, aka GinGin.
With Replay Life, Benfay does not want to dive into the depths of his musical style or reinvent his world of music. He plays and repeats. In so doing, very personal details of his own soundscape emerge. The music has a doleful essence and the beats pull at threads reminiscent of bread surfacing from a sea of fondue. The organ plays in reverse and, like Schubert’s Leiermann turning the wheel of his organ behind an empty begging bowl, so Benfay’s hard disks and turntables spin. Is there a spark of hope? Oh no, that is quickly erased with kitschy clichés, broad chords and grandiloquent synthesizer textures. Replay Life is the opening page of Benfay’s musical diary, written with guitars, violin, double bass, samples, synthesizer and left and right mouse button.
The genre into which Replay Life most closely fits is abstract Hip Hop. The element of distorted digital and analogue tone colours pervades the entire album. Benfay works primarily with hardware from Akai (MPC), Allen&Heath (System8/16), Casio (CZ1000), Dave Smith (Evolver, Prophet8), Doepfer (A100), Korg (Zero4, Electribe), Moog (Little Phatty), Neumann (TLM103), RME (Hammerfall), Roland (RE-501), SSL (Duende), Universal Audio (Solo610, UAD), Waldorf (Blofeld) and Yamaha (DX7). But who cares about such things? You maybe?
Very well then, here you are.
Listen and enjoy!

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