Release er_020 (Misel Quitno - Sleep Over Pieces Vol. 1)
Release er_020 (Misel Quitno - Sleep Over Pieces Vol. 1)

© + ℗ 2007 by Misel Quitno
Mastered by Adi Flück, Centraldubs
Cover design by Ehstrawlogy Produkte

Misel Quitno - Sleep Over Pieces Vol. 1

Misel Quitno is another moniker in Dimitri Grimm’s name-arsenal. Mainly known for his elaborate ProgHiphop JazzElectronica-productions as ‘Dimlite’, Grimm here skips on drawn-out arranging, on sampling bits off other people’s records and also renounces to fulfill any noble purposes. The album, described by the artist as ‘drafts… the score to an imaginary film, shot on Super 8, or a sample library, done for the pure fun of it’, is a mixed bag of tricks, kept together by a dry and minimalistic aesthetics. The wafting synths, the knuckles knocking on wood, the layered guitars and the Tubas indeed might have worked as the backdrop to a 1960’s avant-garde romantic psycho-tragicomedy. And looking at the man’s working methods, who knows when Grimm will also tap into making the corresponding films to his Misel Quitno-escapades ‘for the pure fun of it’..

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