Release er_092 (Songs of No Return)
Release er_092 (Songs of No Return)

Recorded at Nihilitz Studios, Ulaanbaatar
Mastered at Centraldubs by Adi Flück
Cover design by „H1“ Reber, Büro Destruct
Photo by Cedric Lim

Dnepr - Songs of No Return

When monsters kiss
Certainly, the music of Dnepr is gloomy, dim and in parts ominous. But it does not exhaust itself in oppressive mud and bombastic lunacy. From the menacing swamp, sound figures rise from time to time and find a moment of ethereal beauty, as if two monsters kiss each other before disappearing again into murky ground fog and atonal madness.
With “Songs of No Return” Dnepr releases an album with a unique mix of guitar carpets, spherical pads and dry drums. Impressive, oppressive and stunning at the same time.

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