Release er_083 (Le Pot - Zade)
Release er_083 (Le Pot - Zade)

© & ℗ 2016 by Le Pot & Everest Records

All music by Le Pot
Produced by Le Pot
Co-produced by RSI Radiotelevisione svizzera - Rete Due
Recorded and mixed April 11-13, 2016 at Studio 2 RSI, Lugano-Besso
Sound Technician RSI: Gabriele Kamm
Producer RSI Rete Due: Paolo Keller
Graphic design by Urs Althaus, Zürich

Le Pot - Zade

In 2016, Le Pot completed the trilogy She-Hera-Zade by releasing Zade, a surprisingly minimalistic album of purely acoustical works. The eight tracks of Zade pick up where the CD Hera left off. This second album of the trilogy, recorded in 2014 in the fortified church of Raron, included treatments of classical works such as the “Requiem Aeternam” from Benjamin Britten’s War Requiem. While Hera, released in 2015, worked with melodious lines, colors, and jazzy beats, the last album of the series, Zade, drives the vocabulary of whirring, clanging, zinging and booming to its radical conclusion. The trilogy’s finale becomes a genuine swan song, an end game. The band exercises restraint in introducing instrumental interventions. A great deal of open space thus emerges. And unmeasurable time. Time expands and contracts with repetition of the piano tone that tolls like an admonition in the piece “Open out.” The trumpet likewise sounds a lonely reminder, while the drums and guitar maintain the continuity of the sound fabric with just a few very precise bits and bobs following long pauses. All this produces a sound experience that is like nothing so much as an eavesdropping, a listening in, whereby a tremendous silence predominates.

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