Release er_072 (Julian Sartorius - Zatter)
Release er_072 (Julian Sartorius - Zatter)


All music performed and recorded live, no overdubs or electronic effects
Music by Julian Sartorius
Recording production by Shahzad Ismaily at Dampfzentrale Bern, February 2014
Mixed and mastered by Martin Ruch at Fidelity Suite, Berlin
Cover art by Luzia Rink
Graphic design by Jonas Schoder
Graphic design vinyl reissue by Urs Althaus
Produced by Julian Sartorius and Intakt Records, Patrik Landolt, 2014
Vinyl reissue by Everest Records, 2015

Julian Sartorius - Zatter

The album is intended to represent the music of my solo concerts. But it didn’t seem interesting simply to reproduce the material from my live appearances; right from the initial test recordings it was clear that this album would be a separate, new work. I did stick to the basic idea however: the album was to be recorded live, with no overdubs, edits or electronic effects. I wanted to work with the physicality and limits of the body, and the directness of performance. Each piece is entirely acoustic and the recordings are live performances. In terms of the way it was produced this is my most ‘traditional’ album and the production is very different from my previous two albums, Beat Diary and Merz’s No Compass Will Find Home (Julian Sartorius – Drum & Vocal Renditions). On both these albums I worked with several recording tracks in order not to be trapped by the limits of the human body. Sometimes I resent having just two hands and two feet. In some musical situations it would be helpful to have more of both. But on Zatter I wanted to work with precisely these limitations.
Zatter is also an album in which beats and rhythms are almost entirely obscured; the tracks are mostly calm, contemplative and abstract. The titles are all Bern-German words which have vanished from everyday use.

Text by Julian Sartorius, summer 2014
Translation Steak Morris

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