Release er_048 (Digitalis - Pendulum) Pendulum by Digitalis
Release er_048 (Digitalis - Pendulum) Pendulum by Digitalis

© + ℗ 2011 by Digitalis & Everestrecords
All tracks produced by Nicolas Kellner and Roger Stucki
Additional Production: 5 / 6 / 9 Maria Capelli, 7 / 10 / 11 Pete Leuenberger, 10 Thomas Augustiny, 7 Holger Flinsch, 8 Marco Repetto, 9 Daniel Wihler and Jakob Stoller
Master by Benfay at E.M.M.A.
Artwork by Tectonics

Digitalis - Pendulum

Since 2002 Roger Stucki and Nicolas Kellner, also known as Digitalis, have been producing music together. The latest sign of life has now been released on the Bernese Label Everestrecords and is even more various than its predecessors. Already in the calm opening tune «Elektik» a tension is built up, which soon experiences a passionate discharge. After that the mood of the album swings between dance tracks with a driving beat such as «Dying Sofa» and calmer passages. «Zen Fighter» takes the listener on a nightly drive on Kraftwerk‘s «Autobahn» while«Zeerox» and the title track «Pendulum» enter virgin soil with their powerful bass lines. To finish off, Holger Flinsch contributed a remix of «Dying Sofa», thus leading the album back to its beginning calmness.

«Pendulum» is the musical translation of Digitalis‘ ambition to explore the vast space between all sorts of sounds. At the same time the two producers also return to their roots of electronic dance music. The limited vinyl version includes a code, which allows the download of the whole album but also additional bonus material. This includes remixes of the techno pioneer Marco Repetto, the newcomers Tastatur and also the ambitious collective of Mathon.

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