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© + ℗ 2010 by Rotterdam
Release er_035 - (Mathon - Via Mala - The Remixes)

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© + ℗ 2010 by Mathon
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Mathon - Via Mala - The Remixes

Via Mala is a trail along the Hinterrhein in Graubuenden. A canyon with cliffs carved by its torrents, falling threehundred meters into the depth. It seems as if the mountain is broken in two. Enormous floads of meltingwater, the consistent gnawing of the river created during centuries a natural spectacle of unique beauty. Mathon visited the place with Matu Huegli and Ronny Spiegel and turned the impressions into their second album Via Mala, which was released on Everesrecords in 2009. Nine Remixers from all over europe musically revisited the unique place, which lead into this soundscape full of refreshing surprises.

Mathias Grassow and Tomas Weiss from the Rhein/Main Area (GERMANY), also known out of the Databloem-Scene starting the journey at castle Hohen Rätien. Like a panorama view over the mountains their beautiful soundscape expands the original violin-sound with additional strings in combination with unexpexted rhythms.

Emanuele Errante from Naples (ITALY) leaves Hohen Rätien walking into the trees, slowly descending into the rocky canyon Via Mala to finally rest in silence, only the wind whispering in his ears.

Benfay from Bern (SWITZERLAND) who presented with “Replay Life” a brilliant album this year, was inspired by the stone paintings of Carschenna and added a sicilian tarantella-loop to the original distorted guitar. It feels like a burdensome hike in the early morning with living traces of history, which has been set to music in a very authenthic, sincere manner.

Fernando Lagreca, origin from Urugay, currently living in Barcelona (SPAIN) chose the Punt da Suransuns, one of the bridges which leads over the Hinterrhein, as his musical theme. Additionally he accentuates his interpretation with vocal elements and guitar and created a walk into various emotion.

Pe Lang from Zürich (SWITZERLAND), also known for the installation project untitled-sound-objects, reduces the diversity of Via Mala to a reflective acoustic aesthetic with an unforeseen depth – a sound model as well as a starting point for elegance and aesthetic of reduction.

Jap Jap from Ouderkerk (NETHERLANDS) pictures an integrative piece of music in pop style, while visiting the suspension bridge Veia Traversina. This bridge leads the listener on a trail through the magically mystic woods to finally reach Zillis.

Gunter Adler from Hamburg (GERMANY) participated in shaping projects such as Augsburger Tafelconfect or Grönlandorchester. His reinterpretations of Via Mala is set as an organized chaos characterized by spiral-shaped acoustic motions. Hereby, the original is changed by recurring echoes, reflecting and dancing wildly in the canyon.

Alexandre Navarro from Paris (FRANCE) is the head of the SEM label and interprets the legend Nihil Habeo in a musically new manner – a rich piece of ambient music, infused with a french light-heartedness spirit.

Strotter Inst. from Bern (SWITZERLAND) is known for his performances with modified turntables. He climbs up to the castle Hohen Rätien and creates his own rhythmic scenery. Starting from the original violin melody, the track merges
more and more into darkness – a musical hide and seek.

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