Release er_029 (Hildegard Kleeb - World News)
Release er_029 (Hildegard Kleeb - World News)

© + ℗ 2009 by Hildegard Kleeb
All compositions by Peter Hansen
Co-Production Everestrecords/Hildegard Kleeb
Recorded and mastered by Martin Pearson 2008/09
Piano Steinway & Sons Model B tuned by Roland Burri
Cover design by Tectonics/Cover Photography by Peter Hansen

Hildegard Kleeb - World News

Music seems to be constantly flowing out of the Swedish composer Peter Hansen. He is not a pronounced miniaturist or minimalist, but one of the offsprings of this constant flow, is a number of small pieces, rather like diary entries. Hansen has written literally hundreds of such pieces.
This is music, which in Hansen’s words is dressed in jeans, never intended for neither tails nor tuxedo. The composer takes a step back. The music almost melts into the background, however distinctly contributing to its character. In 1991 Hansen wrote the first piece entitled World News. Like all works in this series, it is an identification signal, a jingle, of an imaginary radio station. Hence it can be played over and over again. The idea originates from an old copy of World TV Radio Handbook, which apart from all other data, also printed the signature tune of each station. The numbering of these pieces should probably not be taken too seriously.
Bjørn Nilsson

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