Release er_021 (Various Artists - Expedition_3)
Release er_021 (Various Artists - Expedition_3)

© + ℗ 2008 by Everestrecords
Compiled by Matu and Meienberg
Mastered by Adi Flück, Centraldubs
Cover design by Tectonics

Various Artists - Expedition_3

Join the rope team of Meienberg and Matu, as this Everestrecords duo tackle their third compilation, leading us on a hike into undiscovered lands of electronic music. We begin with a sparse vastness that slowly evolves into lush, green woods. Sullen skies clear to reveal pastel-colored tones. Screams trail off into deep valleys, and nearby, the crackling sound of a comforting campfire burns in our mind. Suddenly, we come upon civilization, where plastic toys glisten in the evening sun. On the horizon, we hear
the bustle of a big city Moloch. This compilation takes us on an adventure into unknown and undiscovered sounds, featuring hunted trophies and newly discovered paths. Untrained hikers will not be misguided, thanks to the secure trailing of Meienberg and Matu. So far, everyone has come out alive.


Seychal-Mills – Kill For Her
Iter – Contains Recycled
Romeo – Trace
Meienberg vs. Strotter Inst. – Windhunde
Starting Teeth Feat. Colin John Co – No Need To Hide (Mount)
Hildegard Kleeb & Pelayo Arrizabalaga – Tornea
Les Poissons Autistes – Le rose de tes yeux…
Cooptrol – Transfinito
Copy & Paste – Sleepless Illusion
BlindeKinder – Siro
Manuel Engel – Daddy G
Incite/ – Duocentric
Iqb – Track & Trace
Mathon – Carshenna (silence edit)
Emanuele Errante – Magic Wood

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