Release er_014 (Various Artists - Expedition_2)
Release er_014 (Various Artists - Expedition_2)

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© + ℗ 2006 by Everestrecords
Compiled by Matu and Meienberg
Photography by Manu Friederich
Cover design by Tectonics

Various Artists - Expedition_2

Balancing amid experimental, mid-tempo, drones and idm, our Expedition_2 compilation unites acts from our current roster with future Everestrecords collaborators. The 15 track collection features a variety of contemporary electronic music and will be available at several online and retail outlets at end of this year.


Alphatronic – Alpha 5-04
D’incise – La fin des usines
[sic] – I Should Have Fucked You
Meienberg – Saint automatic
Softland – Tölt
Falls of Mute – R”mm”ave
Hopen – D Flat 9
Jotta – 12_jo71
Paral-lel – Parallel universe
OP Rechts/Matu – Qaqortoq Akazehe
Eakui – Qatw (vltkmx)
Tsuki – Senrei
Steinbrüchel – Schnitt (.+)
Uniform – How to Destroy a Piano
Misel Quitno – Crosswinds

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