Everestrecords-Newsletter September 2013

Dear friends of electronic music

Want a Whiskey? Have a Qoniak!

Stay tuned, the crew!

Out now:

Qoniak is the mix between the vintage analog machines of Vincent Membrez and Lionel Friedli’s alien drumming that creates a unique amalgam of sound, organic and polymorphic at will. Taste the first release of the Swiss based duo joined by guests Joy Frempong on vocals and guitarist Flo Stoffner.
“Sentient Beings” is a yet unidentified object where the duo’s crazy experimental avant-garde textures meets the beautiful and unexpected chants of Joy Frempong and the astral soundscapes guitar playing of Flo Stoffner. The quartet bypasses musical boundaries and takes you on an intense trip to a parallel world where you might encounter both Yoda and Captain Spock on LSD, playing an unrestrained game of Pong.

Everestrecords Everestrecords-Newsletter September 2013

Everestrecords Everestrecords-Newsletter September 2013

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