Everestrecords-Newsletter April 2014

Out now: On The Other Side Of The Mirror by Babalon Anon

Babalon Anon is an English MC and spoken word poet from Essex. Serving up his own unique brand of cheeky sarcasm and surreal humour whilst weaving references to mythology, classical and occult literature, conspiracy theory and popular culture into tales of excessive substance misuse and psychedelic paranoia.

Babalon Anon’s rapid rhymes and skilled lyrical flow contrast sharply with his performance poetry. Delivered in a style described as “diction adagio” and sharing observations on the inherent pain and beauty of human interaction.
Babalon Anon provides a refreshing and accessible antidote to the mindless violence and commodity worship of much modern rap. Whether you like to digest lyrical content or party wildly, Babalon Anon is your man.

Everestrecords Everestrecords-Newsletter April 2014

Everestrecords Everestrecords-Newsletter April 2014 -

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