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Sunday 27. November 2011

Adv3nt - Headphone concerts at the Botanic Garden

Botanischer Garten, Bern →

27. November - RM74
04. December - Mathon
11. December - Kaleidophone
18. December - Everest

Bar opens at 16.30
Concerts start at 17.00

Adv3nt - Headphone concerts at the Botanic Garden

is the solo project of Swiss musician Reto Mäder who lives in Bern. His take on electronic music as it sits side by side with “real” instrumentation – organ, piano, harp, gong, guitar, kalimba, horn – is quite unique. He meshes electronics with instruments in such a way as to make both sides of the fence talk to one another. It’s a cryptic and wide open language between drifting electro-acoustic music, minimal instrumental figures, experimental electronics and slow-growing melodies.
Apart of RM74, Reto Mäder plays in the duo Ural Umbo (with Steven Hess of Haptic, On and Pan American) as well as in the project Sum Of R. He has produced albums for Rhys Chatham (The Bern Project, 2009) and for Herpes Ö DeLuxe (Kielholen, 2007). Since 2006 Reto Mäder runs together with Roger Ziegler the music label Hinterzimmer.

The project Mathon has its name from a beautiful place in the Swiss Alps. Every year since 2003 Thomas Augustiny, Roger Stucki and Pete Leuenberger meet there and invite different musicians, to translate the impressive surrounding into music. The conceptual project is ambient music by its original definition: space becomes sound and sound generates space. This way four albums have been recorded, together with Ronny Spiegel, Maria Capelli, Nicolas Kellner and Maurice de Martin. The growing interest for the visualisation of the music, lead to installation for Etoy, HKB or the museum for communication.

Michael Gianfreda (1974) is an artist from Bern, Switzerland. He’s creating electronic music environments with analog synthesizers since 1990. He’s also building his own electronic sound and video devices with microcontrollers since 2004.

In 1999, Matu and Meienberg established their duo project, Everest, in Bern, Switzerland. Their work is ambient-driven electronic music, with a distinctive affection for organic sounds. Everest use a wide variety of field recordings, fragmented and looped samples, abstract beats and melodic soundscapes.


Thursday 10. November 2011

Herpes Ö DeLuxe at «JOLT: Terrains» – Swiss-Australian Sonic Festival

Gare du Nord, Basel →

«JOLT: Terrains» – Swiss-Australian Sonic Festival
Das dreitägige «Terrains»-Festival der australischen Sonic-Arts-Organisation «Jolt Arts» präsentiert ein breites Spektrum neuester Musik aus der Schweiz und Australien, besetzt mit hochkarätigen Künstlern.

Herpes Ö DeLuxe at «JOLT: Terrains» – Swiss-Australian Sonic Festival «JOLT: Terrains» – Swiss-Australian Sonic Festival

Die experimental-musikalischen Genres reichen von Noise über Dark Ambient, Sound-Installationen, experimentellen Hiphop, DJ’s, Psychedelic Rock bis zu Ensemble-Konzerten mit Uraufführungen neuer Kompositionen zeitgenössischer E-Musik. Mit einer Bar im Konzertsaal und ohne Zuschauertribüne tritt eine Clubartige Atmosphäre an die Stelle der klassischen Konzertsituation. Während der kurzen Sets von max. 30–40 Minuten kann sich das Publikum im Zuschauerraum frei bewegen.

JOLT Sonic Arts Inc.


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